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Underwing camping – Mont-Laurier


Airport Information:

Location: Runway 08/26, 4000’x75’, surfaced with asphalt.
Prior Permission Required (PPR): Please ensure to obtain permission 24 hours before your arrival, especially if planning to camp.
Contact for PPR: For PPR arrangements, contact APPA at 819-623-5475.
Ultralight Weight Category (UWC): Ten UWC spots available 24/7.


Available Amenities: Potable water, restrooms inside, hot water, and internet access.
Dining Options: Nearby options include a restaurant, snack bar, and a convenience store, all within a 5-minute walk.

Local Services:

Comprehensive Services: Mont-Laurier, situated 6 km away, provides all necessary services.
Taxi Services: Taxi Clément can be reached at 819-623-3434.
Fuel Services: Both 100LL and Jet-A are available.

Recreation and Attractions:

Nearby Municipal Beach: Enjoy the municipal beach and ball park, just a 5-minute walk from the airport.
Sports Facilities: Five tennis courts are also conveniently located within a 5-minute walk.
Explore Downtown Mont-Laurier: The town center, located 6 km away, offers various attractions and services.
Tourist Information: For additional assistance and information, contact the Tourist Information Center at 819-623-4544.


Daily Fee: A fee of $10 per day is applicable.