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100dollarburgers is an aviation community platform dedicated to connect pilots with their daily activities and services.
Pilots can take advantage of the website by booking a tie down, finding a restaurant or an activity for their next flight, finding a flight instructor, or even discovering what are the upcoming air shows or air meetings in their area.
Pilots are also more than encouraged to share their experience to other pilots by adding listing about near-activities activities (hiking, fishing, beaches, sight-seeing, camping, etc).

Any pilot or aviation professional.

Currently, the following listings are available:

  • Tie down for general aviation
    • Online booking
    • Purchase of additional services/products such as: bikes, courtesy car, oil, etc
  • Restaurant, fast-food or any food & drink service easily accessible for a pilot
  • Freelance instructors
  • Air show
    • Online ticketing
  • Air meeting
    • Online ticketing
  • Activities
Other type of listings might be available in the future depending on the pilot’s need.

A “Pilot” account allow you enjoy all the services of the website. You can also book your next tie-down online and buy Air show/ Air meeting tickets.
This is the equivalent of a “Guest” account in an Airbnb site.

A “Contributor” account allow you to add new listings on the site. Below is some examples of who can be a Contributor:

  • a restaurant owner at an airport or at reasonnable distance
  • a private / flight school / airport owner who would like to make available tie downs they own,
  • a manager of an air show/air meeting,
  • a freelance flight instructor, etc.
  • a pilot who wants to add an Activity

This account is the equivalent of a “Host” account on Airbnb style site.


Yes, all listings can be added for free

Create a “Contributor” account, click on the Add Listing button and follow the steps.

Click on the listing, find and click on this button on the top right corner of the listing:

Then, fill out the form indicating if you would like to claim or delete the listing and you will be contacted soon.

The structure of the site is in available in French and English, but the content published by Contributors is not translated. Use the language of your province or even better: include both languages one below the other in your listing.
Note: please do not publish the same 2 listings in 2 different languages to avoid duplicated content.


The right way to do it is to contact the person responsible of the business/event and ask him to add a listing on the website. This way, he/she will be able to modify the listing afterwards.

If a listing is published by someone not in charge of the business or event, 100dollarburgers reserves the right to transfer the ownership of the listing to the person in charge of the business/event or to delete the listing.

Any booking can be refunded if the request is made at least 24 hours before the beginning of the service. Refund need to be asked via the contact email: