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Underwing camping Lyncrest Airport

Lyncrest Airport CJL5

Airport Information:

Location:Runway 09/27: 3000′ x 120′, turf.
Runway 17/35: 2500′ x 200′, turf.
Prior Permission Required (PPR) for information, door, and gate codes.

Flying Club Contact:

Springfield Flying Club.Contact the Rentals Coordinator (contact info needed).


Potable water available in the clubhouse.
Clubhouse amenities: chairs, tables, sofas, full kitchen, washrooms, wood stove, telephone, and internet (for basic communication, flight planning, tourist info, etc).
Small shower with hot and cold water.
Multiple stores & restaurants north and west, approximately 5 km away (suggest using a vehicle).

Rental Services:

Rentals coordinator available for discussion.
Vehicle rental for pick up and drop off arranged at pilot’s expense.

Fuel and Maintenance:

Fuel options: MOGAS, AVGAS 100LL.
Tie-down and maintenance workshop available.

Fueling Note:

Pilots stopping for gas should call ahead to ensure a member is present to unlock the fuel pumps.

Local Attractions:

Tinkertown for kids and a fun mountain water park within walking distance.
Other attractions accessible by car; refer to Winnipeg tourist websites.

Donations and Payment:

Donations appreciated, especially for stays exceeding 3 days to cover service costs.
No credit card facilities; payments by cheque are preferred.
Honor system for water bottles (50 cents charge) and soda vending machine (75 cents) with a payment cup in the fridge.