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Sundridge South River Airpark CPE6

Underwing camping

Airport Information:

04/22: 3200’x150’ (Very dry sandy hard packed turf)
12/30: 2800’x75’ (Turf)

Float Plane Access:

Contact: Dave Jenkins, 905-520-6596
UWC available

Terminal Facilities:

Comfortable terminal building.
Amenities:Flush toilets
Pilot lounge with a pool table
Cooking facilities, including barbecue
Hamburgers, hot dogs, water, & refreshments for purchase
Canoe available for rent.
Mountain bikes available.

Transportation Services:

Local taxi available.
Local business pickup available for restaurants, motels, and golf course.
Prearranged car rental available – call for more information.

Fuel and Tie-Downs:

100LL available.
Free short-term tie-downs.

On-Site Services:

Flight planning, aircraft maintenance, refueling, and other services offered.

Local Amenities (5 min away in town):

Resort-style and motel accommodations.
Bed and breakfast options.
Restaurants ranging from basic to fine dining.
Golfing facilities.
Local brewery tours (if staying overnight).
Local guides and outfitters close by.

Camper Rental:

Hardtop camper available on-site for rent at $50 per night.

Indoor Lounge Rental:

Renovated indoor lounge available with private lock-up sleeping area, full mattress futons, kitchenette, shower facilities, cable TV, and a pool table. Cost: $100/night.