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SkyWay Cafe: Your Premier Airport Dining Experience

Establishment and Operating Hours: Since 2001, SkyWay Cafe, formerly known as Fly n Cafe, has been a culinary cornerstone at Brantford Airport. Our doors are open daily from 8 am to 2 pm, providing a dependable and delightful dining experience.

Expansion to Tillsonburg:

In 2013, we extended our reach to Tillsonburg Airport, a venture now proudly owned by my daughter, Jessica. Both locations boast the same exceptional menu, which underwent a successful revamp a few years ago.

Customer Experience and Loyalty:

Our patrons, whether taking to the skies or hitting the road, seamlessly move between the two cafes. Some kick off their day with breakfast at our Brantford locale, followed by a journey to Tillsonburg for lunch. The unwavering loyalty and support of our customers have been the backbone of our enduring success.

Join us at SkyWay Cafe, where the thrill of aviation meets exceptional food.