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Katana Kafé & Grill at Diamond Flight Centre, London, Ontario: A Culinary and Aviation Fusion


Nestled within the Diamond Flight Centre in London, Ontario.
Boasts a picturesque view overlooking the runway of London International Airport.

Unique Blend:

Uniquely combines the romance of aviation with a fervor for exquisite cuisine.
Offers a rare experience where the marvels of flight meet the pleasures of gastronomy.

Delightful Culinary Offerings:

Katana Kafé & Grill’s kitchen delights patrons with delectable creations.
A one-of-a-kind opportunity in London to relish aviation wonders while savoring exquisite dishes.

Beverage Selection:

Enjoy a variety of consignment wines, signature cocktails, or an assortment of craft beers.
Recreate the memories of past journeys with familiar and beloved beverages.

Outdoor Patio Experience:

Enhance your visit by joining us on the outdoor patio.
Immerse yourself in an intimate experience amid the presence of approximately 90,000 lbs of metal.

Overall Atmosphere:

Katana Kafé & Grill invites you to watch travelers, daydream about your next destination, and indulge in a culinary journey set against the backdrop of aviation marvels.


Your visit promises a unique fusion of aviation allure and culinary excellence at Katana Kafé & Grill.
(519) 455-9005