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Airport Information:

Location: Runway 10/28, 3500’x150′, surfaced with compact sand.
Communication Frequency: 123.2MHz.
Float Planes: Access near the runway threshold of runway 28, close to Lac à Paul, which is 2.4 km long.
PPR: Prior Permission Required.
Important Note: Avoid visiting during the hunting season in Zone 18.

Airport Contact:

Jacques Laberge
Phone: 855-847-0154
Alternate Phone: 581-235-7474
Alternate Email:


Primitive Campground: 20+ sites available.
Amenities: Dry toilet facilities, 24-foot teepee with central fire pit.
Tie-downs: Limited availability.

Recreational Opportunities:

Activities: Fishing, blueberry picking, hiking trails.


None: No specified restrictions.
Note: Please contact Jacques Laberge for PPR and any additional information.