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Airport Information:

Location: Runway 01/19, 5000’x150′, surfaced with asphalt.
Arrival: No prior notice required for arrival.
Airport Contact: Reach out to Claude Hamel at or 819-523-8932.


Unlimited Ultralight Time Category (UTC): Available for unlimited UTC.
Tent Rental: Tent rental for up to 9 persons at $5/night.
Restrooms: Accessible 24/7, along with potable water, internet, vending machines, and picnic tables. Indoor lunch tables also available.
Propane Fire Pit Rental: $5/night for propane fire pit rental.
Restaurants: Delivery options or nearby restaurants.


Commercial Services: Free bike or car lending with fuel purchase.
Parking: Provided with tie-downs.
Refueling: On-site refueling available with 100LL or Jet A (mogas available soon).

Recreational Opportunities:

Parc des Chutes (Falls): Explore the nearby Parc des Chutes and bike paths. Visit for more information.


Pilot and Passengers: No fees.
Tent or Fire Pit Rental: Small fees for tent or fire pit rental.