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Camping sous l’aile – La minerve / Lac aux Castors

La minerve / Lac aux Castors

Runway Details:

Runway 00/18 is 1850’x35’ with a compact gravel surface.

Seaplane Accommodations:

Seaplanes have the option to be placed on a trailer (up to C185) for land use. Camping is permitted under-the-wing. However, overnight beaching of seaplanes is not available.

Prior Permission Required (PPR):

PPR is required one day in advance for camping or immediate arrival if landing for a short stay.

Contact Information:

Benoît Séguin, OwnerPhone: 819-274-2742 (landline), 819-421-2742 (cell)
Email: (for prior reservations)

Camping Facilities for UWC (Under-Wing Camping):

A heated room above the garage is available, equipped with a camping toilet, electric stove, microwave, and 5 gallons of potable water.
Additional facilities include a spring for potable water, a dry outhouse, and no specific food provisions.

Additional Amenities:

Bring your own tie-downs.
Two canoes are available for rental (oars and safety vests provided).
Trails are accessible in the maple grove.


No landing fees.
Overnight fees to be determined based on individual circumstances.