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  • Event date:
    September 6, 2024 at 10:00 am
  • Event end:
    September 8, 2024 at 6:00 pm


Our objectives are to foster aviation awareness among all audiences, especially young people, and the  preservation and demonstration of historic aircraft.

Aero Gatineau-Ottawa’s eco-responsible actions:

In 2021, Aero Gatineau-Ottawa has committed to an evaluation of its environmental impact with the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables. This will allow us to better understand how to improve our ecological footprint. The event’s objective is to be carbon neutral by 2025.
Here are some of the actions that will be undertaken in 2022:

  • Reducing our climate impact through the purchase of Planetair Gold Standard certified carbon credits : we have offset 100 tons with Planetair Gold Standard carbon credits in the Planetair ÉTS Portfolio, which finances applied engineering university research on the fight against climate change and offsets our greenhouse gases through certified Gold Standard credits.
  • Showcasing greener technological developments, including drones and electric aircraft;
  • Measures to encourage active transportation (free shuttles with incentive parking and bike racks);
  • Water stations to reduce the use of individual bottles;
  • Team dedicated to recycling and composting in partnership with Enviro Éduc Action and the City of Gatineau;
  • Implementation of a green policy;
  • Priority selection of local suppliers.